Frequently Asked

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There are two options to access our ever-expanding library of courses. 

You can become a member OR you can purchase the courses we sell individually!

In order to become a member, you can either go to the Course Catalog page, take a look at our courses and decide which membership fits your needs best. Or if you already know what membership you’re interested you can go to our member plans page and sign up there. 

Once you decide which membership plan works best for you, simply click join! This will take you to our sign up page where you will create your user info and input your billing information. Please make note of your email address and password, as these are what you will use to log in to access your courses.

Once you’ve signed up for your membership plan, navigate to My Courses. Here, you’ll be able to log in (if you’re not already) and be brought to your student dashboard. Your student dashboard shows you the courses you’re enrolled in, your progress for the courses you’re enrolled in, your membership plan, your certificates, and also allows you to edit your account. 

Click on “My Courses” on the sidebar and you’ll be brought to all of the courses you’re enrolled in. Click on the course you want and you’ll be brought to the page to start the course!

In order to have a profile picture linked with your PestCemeteryPro account, you simply need to go to gravatar.com and create an account using the email address you used to create your PestCemeteryPro account. Once you do this, your gravatar account will link with your account here and you’ll have an updated profile picture!

Your subscription renews every 30 days from the date that you started your account. So if you start your account on June 1st, it will renew on July 1st. 

Go to the podcast course and when you’re listening to one of the podcasts, you will see a download link in the upper right of the media player. Simply click that and your podcast will be downloaded to your device!

If for some reason you feel you must cancel your membership, navigate to your student dashboard. From there, go to your order history and “view order”. At this order management screen, click cancel. You will be able to access your courses until when your next payment is due. When that time comes, you will be unenrolled from the membership and, subsequently, all of the courses.

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